Right now, my powerup spawning system works fine but I want to separate the ammo and health powerups from the rest of the group so I can tweak their spawn rates independently. I’d rather have the health spawn rarely and have the ammo spawn frequently.

I’ll work in the spawn manager script for this one, and I’ll create two new GameObject variables to reference the health and ammo prefabs. From there, I created a new coroutine specifically for health and ammo. At the beginning of the spawn loop, it creates a random number between 1 and 5. If it’s 1, it spawns health. Otherwise, it will spawn ammo. I’m making a call in the StartSpawning method to start this new coroutine so it will run in parallel with the others.


I’m back at it again, comin’ at ya’ with some funky fresh, heart-stopping, boss-making action. Today, I want to give the boss some shields and also give it weapons.

I’ll start with the shields. I want the boss’ shields to be up while moving so the player can’t just unload…

Currently, enemies in my space shooter will spawn forever as long as the player is still alive. To change things up, I want to add a wave spawning system to the game where each wave will progressively spawn more enemies. Maybe later I’ll add a boss level to the end.

Michael Kline

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