Originally, using git seemed like a daunting task to me but the process for pushing changes to your repository is actually pretty simple. The general outline of steps is this:

  1. Create branch and checkout the new branch in Git Bash. I created a branch called ‘SimpleUpdate’, and branched it off of the ‘dev’ branch.

2. Make your code updates in Unity and save your project.

3. Use ‘git status’ to verify Git is picking up your changes. In this case, I made a C# script and added it to a basic capsule object in my Unity scene.

4. If yes, use ‘git add .’ or ‘git add -A’ to add all changes to your commit.

5. Use ‘git status’ again to verify that all of your changes were added correctly.

6. Use ‘git commit -m “put your commit message here”’ to commit your updates

7. Use ‘git push origin <current branch name>’ to finally push your changes to your repository. Now the remote version of the SimpleUpdate branch will be up to date with the changes you made the Unity project locally.



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