Up and running with Unity

Before this course, I’ve done some dabbling in Unity on my PC so I already have a current version of Unity installed. Looks like this is where I start work on my first game!

Create a new 3D project called “Space Shooter”

I now have an empty Unity scene in front of me. Neat. Now I’m going to create objects to tinker with. Right-click somewhere in the ‘Hierarchy’ panel, expand the 3D Object menu, and click ‘Sphere.’ Now I have a basic sphere in my scene.

Now what do we do with it? The possibilities are endless. Let’s change its color. Start by creating a new folder called ‘Materials’ in the ‘Project’ panel and create a new material in that folder (Tip: end all of your material file names with “_mat” to keep your filetypes organized). Select the material and use the ‘Albedo’ option to bring up the color wheel to select a color. I picked a nice red. To apply the material to the sphere, drag the material from the ‘Project’ panel onto the sphere in the Scene view.

There it is! I made a new Unity project and created a red sphere. It’s a baby step for now, but “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”